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Google stated in March 2015 that over 60% of all internet searches are made on mobile devices. For our clients, at least 30% of their total traffic, regardless of niche, industry or profession, are made using smart phones. New Google research says that 50 percent of mobile users are most likely to visit after conducting a local search, while 34 percent of consumers on tablets or computers will go to a store. Let’s say you have a business in Atlanta, why not have a mobile website design Atlanta customers to contact or find you easily?

For businesses that provide a service at the customer’s business or home, such as a plumber, moving company, etc., showing up in local search results close to where the potential customer lives can lead to higher click through rates and is a more efficient way to run a business. Visiting customers that are close to one another allows you to service more customers per day and lowers travel costs, including wear on vehicles, compared to driving across town for a customer simply because you don’t have enough business in your target market.
Once you show up in the search results, making it fast and easy for a prospect to contact you can be the difference between closing the sale or having them move on to a competitor. When searching on smart phones, mobile optimized websites provide a user experience that converts prospects into customers.
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Mobile Website Design & Developer in Atlanta & Cumming, GA
Mobile sites also have special functionality such as “push-to-call”, “push-for-directions” and “push-to-email or text”. So if a searcher finds your website on their smart phone, they can simply push a button to initiate a phone call. Without a mobile optimized site, the user would have to look for your phone number on your website, remember it or write it down, switch to their phone and enter the number. And if in the course of dialing they forget part of the number, they’ll need to switch back to the website, get the rest of the number then go back to the phone, enter the number and place the call. There is a much better way.
With a mobile site, the user simply pushes a button, usually labeled “Call Us”, and the number is dialed automatically making it very convenient and easy for the user to contact you. A similar feature for text or email will allow the user to easily send a text or email.

Responsive vs. Mobile Optimized

Responsive websites change size and shape to fit different devices with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling. A responsive site will look great on a laptop, tablet or phone. So what is the difference between a responsive website and a mobile optimized website.
Mobile optimized websites are different from most responsive websites in that they convert the standard website code into a mobile friendly version. A mobile redirect will detect if someone is viewing the site from a smart phone and the mobile version of the site will be shown.
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How Much Does A Mobile Website Cost?

The great thing about mobile websites is they are usually are created by converting the code on your existing website into a mobile friendly version, so you’re usually not starting from scratch. Once the conversion is completed, some customization, including the features discussed above, need to be added and configured. After that a redirect needs to be set up, which is not too difficult but does require access to the host cpanel where a cname record is created. This allows the mobile version to show up on smart phones with a URL such as, where the m indicates the mobile version of the website which is automatically detected.

Because the code is converted, a mobile site can cost a couple of hundred dollars instead of the thousands spend on a full website… be sure to contact us to find out how you can get a free mobile website. The mobile site needs to be hosted, so there is a small monthly hosting fee. For the incredible benefits of a mobile site, the cost-to-benefit ratio makes getting a mobile optimized website an easy decision.

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