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Paid search ads provide impressive results​

There is so much competition for the top spaces in search engine results that many business’ are willing to pay a fee to place “sponsored ads” that rank above organic search results to promote their business on search engines. The most popular paid search ad campaigns are Pay-per-click, or PPC. PPC ads can put you on the first page for a given search term within a day.

Clients bid competitively on the best keywords relevant to their business and pay a fee for the best quality ads that they can afford.
These ads are placed on ad on the major social media ad networks. SEO Guru Atlanta provides PPC Services Cumming and PPC Management Atlanta that strive to win you the best keywords and provide the highest conversion rate.

Benefits of Our PPC Advertising Services

Reputation Audit

A Campaign Tailored to Your Needs & Budget

A PPC Ad Campaign can quickly become expensive if you don’t have a clear focus and a defined budget. We consult with you to determine your objectives and needs and custom design a campaign that fits within your budget.

Sentiment Analysis

Multiple Targeting Options

Our PPC Advertising Atlanta and PPC Advertising Cumming services provide you with valuable demographic data and market insights that are important for business decisions such as whether to launch a product in a new location or target market.

Google My Business Optimization

Frequent Monitoring of Campaign Results

Managing a PPC campaign is time consuming and should be done by those experienced in interpreting the results and quickly making changes to deliver better results. We have that experience.

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Quickly Adjust strategy for better results

We provide PPC services that provide specific results metrics that allow you to judge the success of your campaign and quickly tweak certain components to improve PPC ad results.


Rank Above Competitors

The way to achieve success in Pay-per-click marketing is to achieve an affordable balance between paying for specific sought after keywords and building quality eye catching, memorable ads so ad networks will rank your ads highly in search results. We do that.

Local SEO

Integrates with other Digital Marketing Strategies

Our Pay-per-click Advertising Atlanta campaigns can complement any organic SEO strategy or social media campaigns as part of a comprehensive plan to launch or revitalize a business website.

Franchise SEO in Cumming

Why Choose PPC?

A well-developed PPC campaign is a very cost effective way to enter a new market, reach a new group of customers, or launch a new product or service. Companies can choose to pay a fixed fee or bid on relevant keywords that users utilize most for your business, products and services. You are only charged when someone “clicks” on your ad.




The SEO Guru Atlanta PPC Management Process

Step 1. PPC Development & Launch: We take the time to understand your business and goals and then research keywords that would likely achieve the results you are striving for. We can then research bid data on the ad networks to identify what the best bid would be for each keyword. Our ad copy writers get to work crafting ad content that includes keywords and will result in high click volumes.. Our developers will make some adjustments to your landing page to ensure the search user has an excellent ad experience.

Step 2. PPC Campaign Maintenance: After the PPC campaign is launched, Our PPC Management Atlanta and PPC Management Cumming team in GA checks everything about the campaign to ensure it continuously delivers outstanding results. Is the amount bid for keywords delivering the best ad placement? Are we capturing user searches relevant to your products and services? Is the conversion rate improving?

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Previous Projects

Our PPC Case Studies

A successful PPC campaign is one that delivers the most clicks and conversion for your investment. It’s not just about site traffic. Just like a salesman is measure upon his ability to make sales calls that result in sales contracts, a PPC campaign is measured on the ad clicks that convert to online inquires, calls to your business, or product or service orders completed.

FAQs About Pay Per Click in Cumming & Atlanta, GA

There are two methods of driving traffic to your site and converting visitors to leads. PPC is a paid search strategy, whereas SEO is an earned search strategy. PPC involves biding on specific keywords and paying for ads that are known to generate top ranking search results, while SEO involves structuring, writing and optimizing web pages utilizing keywords to improve organic search results.
Any business that sells a product or a service can benefit from a PPC campaign.
What you pay per click can depend on many factors. You need to decide on how much you would pay someone to click on your ad. You also need to decide how much you are willing to pay for a specific keyword. The quality of the ad must also be factored in. Other factors such as the type of business or industry you are in also plays a part. A rough average is $9,000 to $10,000 per month.
A PPC campaign can run for any length of time that you determine.
That will depend on where we agree to place your ads and the type of ads you decide to place. Text ads could appear with organic search ads on Internet search engines. Banner ads could display on a network of partner sites across the Internet.
You should monitor activity at least every three days. That way you are not wasting money on a campaign that is not delivering the results. We monitor frequently to identify irrelevant keywords and replace them with keywords more relevant to your target audience and objectives.

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