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How To Get More Leads With PPC Campaigns

How To Get More Leads With PPC Campaigns

If you run a service business, you might have already tried your hand at Google, Yahoo, or Bing PPC campaigns. You might have one running right now! But if you’re having trouble getting good leads…
Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

How To Optimize PPC (Pay per Click) Campaigns

If you’re beginning to spend money on paid advertising, particularly Google’s PPC platform (formerly called Adwords), then you’ll notice that your first campaigns results might not be as good as you hoped for. This is…
Google Ads Vs SEO

Google Ads vs. SEO: The Secret Google Doesn’t Want You To Know About

Hey, I hope you’re having a wonderful day. My name is Jeff Tormey and I’m the founder of SEO Guru Atlanta here to talk to you a little bit about getting found online. If you’re…