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SEO and PPC for Weight Loss Centers​

SEO & Ads For New Patient Acquisition: 242 Leads In The First 7 Weeks… This is How We Did it!

Opening a new weight loss center is a great addition to any community, especially those who have tried to lose weight with diet and exercise but need a different solution.  This case study details how we used SEO and PPC for weight loss centers Atlanta to bring new patients to a new surgical weight loss center that recently opened.

The new weight loss center provides care for their clients with a team of knowledgeable and compassionate professionals. When the new bariatric surgery center was opened, it was important for new clients to find them quickly. The new facility was open and staff was ready to help people find a happier and healthier life, so they partnered with SEO Guru Atlanta to provide a ubiquitous web presence to people needing their help could find them quickly and easily.

SEO Guru Atlanta partnered with the weight loss center to handle the SEO/PPC for their new location. The results we delivered were impressive, delivering 242 phone calls or form submittals in just the first seven weeks from opening.

Google Analytics Screen Shot

PPC Strategy: 4 Key Elements

As a highly specialized surgery center with one location serving multiple markets, the weight loss center has unique requirements when advertising. So we worked together to carefully craft ads that match their services and their target market.

Our paid ad strategy, which is still running, includes 4 key elements:

  • Ad Extensions
  • Geo-targeting
  • Hyper-Relevant
  • Keywords
  • Ad Structure

Ad Extensions
The ad extensions we implemented in the ads highlight key calls-to-action. We craft highly effective ads which provide the searcher a reason to visit the site and take action, such as registering for a seminar or being introduced to the surgeon himself. Other extensions are used as we rotate the ads, evaluate the results and optimize the campaign to maximize conversions.

Our approach to geo-targeting and geo-fencing is created specifically for each client. They want to target a number of cities so we created our campaign with city-specific ad copy to enhance click-through-rate. Since there were specific areas that needed to be included while others had to be excluded, we created very specific targeting for each campaign to capture all the population in a target geo. We further modify the ads with the city name, dynamic keyword insertion and relevant ad extensions. By creating ad groups for each target geo, we can easily see the results and interest by geo, which helps plan for future satellite offices. Daily budgets were assigned to each geo instead of using a shared budget. This way, a larger city would not use up a smaller city’s budget during the day, which allows the ads in smaller cities to continue showing. Plus we adjust the budget and ads based on conversion performance to get the best results for each target market.

Hyper-Relevant Keywords
There are several different types of weight loss surgery. Some prospects may have read or heard about certain types, or perhaps they have an acquaintance who told them about the type of procedure they had. We crafted ads focused on the various types of surgeries. Additionally, since weight loss surgery is a life-changing decision, they may know more about surgery in general and the doctor, staff, and procedures. Making it easy to sign up for a seminar, calculate their BMI and seeing before/after photos proved to highly effective with a CPA below $30. 

Ad Structure
We maximize use of ad extensions to utilize all available ad space possible. This enhances the appearance of our ads and pushes competitors farther way on the search results page. The extensions we use for Memorial Weight Loss Center ads include:

  • Location extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • Call extensions
  • Sitelink extensions
  • Dynamic structure
  • snippets

The extensions provide searchers with helpful, relevant information which enhances the user experience and increases conversions. With nearly 60% of paid traffic using smartphones, the call extensions make contacting Memorial especially easy. And when they’re ready to drive to the facility, they get directions with the push of a button.

SEO: Dominating the Organic Search Results

The goal of our client’s SEO and PPC campaigns is to make it easy for patients to find a solution to their weight loss problem. PPC ads are a great jump-start start traffic to a website, but SEO is key to long-term success online. A critically important aspect of local search is local business listings. Nearly everyone searches online for every type of product or service, especially local services. We not only ensure all the local listings are correct and consistent but created an enhanced Google My Business listing which consistently drives traffic to their website and their front door.

When we started, the site was new with a new URL so the site did not rank in Google for any keywords at all. Of the 20 keywords we have in our target list, 16 are on page 1 of Google and 15 show up in the local maps listing. The has at least 2 listings on every page, and you can see three in this screenshot.

Ranking Screenshot

We’re excited to see the results in the coming months.  In just 7 weeks, we delivered 242 phone calls or form submittals and are looking forward to the success of the new weight loss center!

What We Deliver

Our relationship with the new weight loss center has grown into a real partnership and we now manage all their digital marketing requirements including:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Reputation Management
  • PPC Campaign Managment
  • Call Tracking with Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Content Marketing
  • Analytics

We continue to help our client fulfill their mission of making weight loss surgery accessible to people throughout their service area.  Our SEO and PPC campaigns are carefully monitored and optimized to ensure they continue to enjoy the kind results we’ve delivered.

Schedule a 30 minute strategy session to see how we can help your business grow.