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SEO For Siding And Windows Contractors in Atlanta, GA

Opening a new business is a great addition to any community, especially companies that help to improve the aesthetics and value of homes in the community. This case study details how we used local SEO to bring new clients to a company, whose primary focus is on siding and windows, to the top of Google for all the best keywords in a competitive and valuable market.

Our client provides home improvement services, primarily siding and windows. While other products, such as gutters and doors, are considered add-on sales, the main focus was new siding installation and replacing older windows with new, energy efficient windows. We started with a brand new website as the business was new. The staff was ready for the phone to ring so they could help homeowners improve the look, functionality, efficiency, and value of their homes. To achieve the best possible result, they partnered with SEO Guru Atlanta to provide a ubiquitous web presence so people needing their help could find them quickly and easily.

SEO Guru Atlanta is, of course, the “guru” when it comes to search engine optimization, so we planned our strategy and executed our plan. The results we delivered were impressive with the client’s website dominating the search results for the best keywords in one of the most competitive markets in the Atlanta, GA area, the city of Marietta and surrounding cities. Search volume for keywords containing “Marietta” in our client’s niche was very strong so we were confident that focusing on this area, which is also where their office was located when they opened, would yield excellent website traffic and new business.

Atlanta SEO Strategy for Siding & Windows Company: 5 Key Elements

The goal of our SEO strategy is to make it easy for prospects to find a solution to their siding and window problems.  With paid ads running in $15 / click range, we knew the key to long-term success was dominate the local search results. Broken down into very broad categories, our strategy consisted of:

1) Keyword Research
2) Content Creation & Its Optimization
3) On-Page SEO
4) Off-Page SEO
5) Google My Business

Keyword Research:

Ranking for the right keywords is critical to a successful SEO campaign.  It may be easy to rank for keywords with very little search volume, but that does little to bring new visitors, prospects, and customers to our clients’ businesses.  We make decisions based on data, so we use sophisticated tools to check:  a) search volume in Google and Bing;  b) competitiveness (measured with multiple criteria); and c) relevancy (is it a “buying” keyword or just informational or educational).  For example, when working with a company that sells “windows”, we are careful in our keyword selection so that we don’t end up competing against software companies! Once the list is developed, it’s reviewed and culled in a collaborative effort with the client.  The next step is keyword mapping to map keywords to the relevant pages on the site.

Content Creation & Its Optimization:

Once we have the keyword list completed and mapped to the appropriate pages of the website, we begin the process of content creation & its optimization.  While keyword stuffing can have a negative impact on SEO keyword ranking, the proper keyword density, variety and usage are an important part of getting to the top of page 1.  We still write content for humans first, and secondly for search bots to crawl and index based on their content. Proper use of target keywords on the page, along with a suitable amount of content (we recommend 350-500 words per page as a minimum) are key elements to a successful SEO plan.

On-Page SEO:

While our list of on-page SEO is quite long, some of the most important aspects include Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Schema Markup and Internal Linking.  The Title Tags shows up first on the search engine results page (SERP) and is the most important SEO element.  The Meta Description is below the Title Tag and is the black text on the SERP.

The Schema Markup tells the search engines where to find your critical business information on the page, such as business name, address and phone number. This is important for NAP syndication. You can check your Schema Markup using the free Structured Data Testing Tool from Google.

Internal linking is something Google has stressed for years to improve the “user experience”.  It sounds simple, but is often overlooked.  It involves creating hyperlinks within the content of the website pages to other pages.  The links should be helpful, relevant and can contain a keyword or keyword variation, but misuse of internal linking can result in an “over optimization” penalty to proceed with care.

Off-Page SEO:

Have you heard of backlinks?  Well, they still matter.  A good backlink profile has a huge impact on keyword ranking.  Backlinks are simply other websites linking to your site.  Getting high-quality links from sites that rank well in Google is usually the most challenging part of SEO for the DIY crowd. However, our clients have nothing to worry about since we’ll continue to do high-quality link building for you from authoritative sites to boost your website ranking for the best keywords.

Google My Business:

Last but not least is the Google My Business page.  A fully developed Google My Business page will show up on the right column on the SERP to provide additional information and details about your business.

GMB feeds Google Maps, so if you want to show up in the local search results, getting into the “3 Box” of Google Maps can be the most important listing.

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