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Most business owners I meet have invested several thousand dollars in a web site that looks pretty but just sits there not making any money.
For many clients, some are national, some local to their city and some in Atlanta, SEO was an afterthought, or the web developer promised to “do SEO” or the site would be SEO ready. Pretty websites are great, but the prettiest website in the world won’t get any traffic at all just because it’s online. Somehow, you need to get the word out about your website.
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A website without SEO is like creating a TV commercial but not having enough money to put it on the air.

Doing all the detailed keyword research and online market analysis takes real expertise, and most business owners are focused on their business and don’t have time to learn online marketing and search engine optimization. But all business owners I know would love for their websites to bring them leads on autopilot, which is what SEO is all about.
If you don’t have a website, we can provide a turn-key site for you as simple or complex as you like. But honestly, getting a website online is very simple. The magic is in getting targeted traffic to the site that converts in to leads that become customers.
Our focus is Search Engine Optimization, so you get traffic to your website automatically.

What is SEO?

One common myth is SEO is all about adding Meta Tags and Meta Keywords onto your web page. Well, those are important, but that’s the easy part. Getting the right keywords and right meta tags is critical, and that is a big part of “on-page” SEO. But there is another, perhaps more important part of SEO that creates problems for most website owners.

Search engines want to know what other people think of your site. Is your site relevant enough that others link to it? If not, your site may be ignored by the search engines. But if lots of other sites link to your site, especially important and popular sites, the search engines know your site must be important, too. That’s called link building (or back links) and it can be a mysterious, painful and time-consuming process.

Fortunately, you have SEO Guru Atlanta at your service to take all of your worries away so you can simply enjoy targeted leads coming to your site on autopilot.

Get a detailed analysis of your market, your website and your online competition and discover how to out-rank your competitors and get all the online traffic pouring into your website.
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To summarize, we offer:

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