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What Are HTML Elements?: Understanding The Building Blocks Of Websites

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What Are HTML Elements?: Understanding The Building Blocks Of Websites

In today’s day and age, growing online can be a difficult task. But leveraging an excellent website is one way to stand out amongst the competition.

That being said, when it comes to website design, HTML elements can be confusing. So in this article, let’s talk about some common HTML elements and their relevance to website design.

We’ll answer common questions about website structure, such as “What are tags and attributes in HTML?” and more.

What Are HTML Elements?

HTML elements are buttons, images, text, and other components that can be seen on the web page. Other elements also comprise meta-information, or sections, that relay information about the document.

What Is A Tag In HTML?

A tag is the part of the HTML element that denotes where the content begins and ends. For instance, <p></p> is a tag that holds paragraph text — which is one of the most important elements for any website.

What Is An Attribute In HTML?

An HTML attribute is code placed inside the opening tag that provides information about the element. For instance, the style attribute will determine various static properties of the element, such as color.

What Is A <Div> Tag In HTML?

A <div> tag is a generic element that can be used to separate sections. Instead of having specific properties such as <img> or <p> tag, a div tag is much more customizable.

So to answer “What is a div in HTML?” is that it’s a neutral element that can contain several things depending on the context.

What Is <Li> In HTML?

Li refers to a list item. A <li> is similar to a bullet point or otherwise a line in an HTML list. Its format will depend on whether or not the list is ordered or unordered.

What Is The Use Of The Alt Attribute In The <Img> Tag?

The alt attribute in the image tag has many SEO benefits. By describing what the image is, you can relay to search engines the content without them being able to scan the image. Additionally, it helps those who are visually impaired understand the content.

What Is The DOM In HTML?

The DOM is a Document Object Model. When you load a web page, the browser creates this model first before constructing the HTML.

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