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Marketing has changed considerably in the past decade. Most marketing used to be conducted via radio, TV ad spots, or magazine and newspaper listings. Today, your website is your primary marketing tool and is the face of your business. The look, navigation, titles, content, responsiveness to mobile devices, and contact features of your website must all work in tandem to convert website visitors into leads. If your website isn’t bringing growth to your business, you need the services of a professional website design company in Atlanta.

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SEO Guru Atlanta doesn’t just promise a stream of leads from search engines. We’re also the premier web development and web design company in Atlanta. We specialize in developing and designing web applications and websites for local businesses that want to grow their revenue. With decades of experience in the web development industry, we have worked with numerous small and large companies in Atlanta and worldwide to provide them with the best web design and development services they need. We offer a wide range of web design services such as website design, website development, eCommerce web design, eCommerce website development, and even custom web design services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

At SEO Guru Atlanta, we believe that websites should be simple, beautiful, mobile-friendly, and lucrative. We’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve success online through design, development, marketing, and social media. Our services are designed to help you build a strong online presence, increase your online exposure, and maximize your online revenue. By hiring SEO Guru Atlanta, you get a dream team of web developers, web designers, search engine marketers, advertisers, and marketing consultants to dominate your local competition on the search engines. Don’t wait: schedule your free consultation with SEO Guru Atlanta today!

Our Custom Website Design & Development Process

Know Your Company

We Want to Get to Know Your Company

We take the time to get to know your brand, understand your industry, and get a feel for the type of customers you are targeting. What do you want your website to do for you?

Website & Marketing Audit

Website & Marketing Audit

To help set benchmarks, we audit your current website and marketing efforts and provide a free SEO analysis to see what type of results you are getting.

Customer & Competitor Research

Customer & Competitor Research

We look at target customer demographic data, information that interests them, and trends. What are your competitors doing? What content and keywords are they successfully using?

Website Design

Website Design

We take the insights we’ve gathered and map out the basic navigation structure and web pages in a wireframe blueprint for your review and approval. Then we add the style elements such as colors, font styles, images, and navigation features to make your brand POP.

Website Development

Website Development

This phase is where the functional elements that make the website work such as coding, content, design, layout are implemented.

Testing & Launch

Testing & Launch

We test the website in multiple Internet browsers to make sure it is easily usable. Then we map URL’s, install tracking programs so we can collect analytics to measure results. When we are satisfied the website works seamlessly, we launch the site with major search engines.

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We Can Create A Fully Mobile Web Solution

Mobile optimized websites are different
from most responsive websites in that they convert the standard website code into a mobile friendly version. A mobile redirect will detect if someone is viewing the site from a smart phone and the mobile version of the site will be shown.

Mobile sites also provide instant contact ability. If a searcher finds your website on their smart phone, they can simply push a button, usually labeled “Call Us”, to initiate a phone call.  Then the number is dialed automatically making it very convenient and easy for the user to contact you. A similar feature for text or email will allow the user to easily send a text or email.




Two Mistakes to Avoid in Your Website Design and Development

Don’t Overdo the graphics or Color: When customers arrive at your website, they expect to find helpful information about your business’ products and services. They do not want to see a cluttered, flash animated, color-laden site that strains the eyes and looks unprofessional. We strive to keep web design simple, well-organized, professional and eye catching.

Don’t Waste the Visitor’s Time: If your website is full of graphics, it takes longer to download. Too many pages and menus can cause the visitor to lose their way on your site. We develop your site utilizing a clean navigation menu and sitemap that loads quickly and takes visitors where they want to go and converts them to leads.

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A friend referred Dallas Welker of Peach State Swings to SEO Guru Atlanta. He was having trouble getting enough sales
and decided to give Jeff Tormey a shot. Talk about instant gratification! Sales increased within the first few hours of launch and now sales are up at least 50%! It’s only been a few weeks in and Dallas started planning to hire new employees and buy new equipment.

SEO GURU ATLANTA is a full service Website Design Company Atlanta offering Website Design Atlanta and Website Development Atlanta. If you don’t have a website, we can provide a turnkey site for you as simple or complex as you like. We’ll redesign your existing website to add features, improve functionality, or increase SEO. We provide additional services such as SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing. We are a local Website Design Company offering Website Design Cumming and Website Development Cumming. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Website Design & Development in Atlanta, GA

That is a difficult question to answer. Each website we design and develop is based on the individual business needs, and the features you want included in the website. We do not work off of static templates. We custom design and develop the website for your specific business. After we consult with you and assess your brand, marketing efforts and needs, we can give you a quote.

That is a difficult question to answer. Each website we design and develop is based on the individual business needs, and the features you want included in the website. We do not work off of static templates. We custom design and develop the website for your specific business. After we consult with you and assess your brand, marketing efforts and needs, we can give you a quote.

A good rule of thumb is eight to ten weeks. The time to completion will depend upon your availability to consult in the beginning stages and provide feedback during the process. The features and functionality you want built into the site is also a factor in the time to completion.

Absolutely. In order for us to design and develop your website with look, features, and functionality you expect, we will need to have several consultations regarding your brand, goals, needs, likes, and dislikes.

Yes, we can design and code landing pages and emails, which integrate into your mail provider or CRM. We can also build webapps for customer ordering, management, communication, etc.

Yes. Many of our clients ask us to provide continuing support for their website.

No. Most web hosting companies have large data centers that require hundreds of employees, and significant dedicated power lines through cable or fiber optic lines. We can, however, suggest some affordable web hosting options for your site needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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