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Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make With Their Websites

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Your website is your storefront on the web—possibly literally. It needs to be the best it can be so you can keep drawing in traffic and increasing your profits.

The problem? Website designs for small businesses often miss the mark. If you are currently designing your own website or want to evaluate one you’ve already paid for, audit your site for these common mistakes.

Too Much Visual Noise

Less is more with website design. You need your visitors to easily navigate your site, not search around for information. Keep the images simple and clean, the text short and easy to scan, and the bells and whistles to a minimum.

Not Enough Visual Interest

A common website design mistake is to overcompensate when trying to lower the visual noise by trimming back until there is no real visual interest. Be sure to include images and graphics and to avoid too much blank space.

A Lack of Cohesion

This is unlikely to happen if you work with an SEO agency in Atlanta. However, when small businesses go DIY with their websites, this is very common. As you design your site, make sure you are pulling together elements that work together, not just things that catch your eye. 

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Bad or Missing Calls to Action

Being a business owner doesn’t mean feeling comfortable with sales language and tactics. However, they are a must, especially the call to action. If you don’t provider your readers with direction, they won’t know “where” to go. Not having CTAs or having weak ones is one of the biggest website mistakes you can make.

No Focus on Geographic Area

Assuming your business is tied to a specific area, this needs to be woven into your website. From keywords to location pages, there are plenty of local SEO tips for small businesses that you need to keep in mind.

Missing Contact Info

When visitors are on your website, they need to be able to get in touch with you without a big hassle. This means having your contact info displayed on your website. Typically, this is in the footer and on a dedicated contact page. As a best practice, you should also have some form of contact form or chat as well.

If this sounds like a lot of avoid, we admit that it is. However, you can always outsource the task of website design to SEO Guru Atlanta. As your Atlanta SEO agency, we will ensure that your small business website is top notch.