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Save 10 Hours Every Week with these Social Media Marketing Shortcuts

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Save 10 Hours Every Week with these Social Media Marketing Shortcuts 1

Regardless of its size, any business can benefit from the ever-growing massive online audience that is available on social media platforms. Social media marketing is beneficial for your business as it can help you drive traffic, increase brand awareness and make sales. The importance of managing your social media effectively cannot be ignored.

Since it takes time to ensure that you have a presence in almost all the available major social media platforms, it’s possible to spend more time than you should be posting. This is where social media marketing shortcuts come in handy as they help you save on time while remaining productive. SEO Guru, a social media marketing Atlanta agency, recommends the use of various social media marketing shortcuts and tools discussed below.

Use tools to help manage multiple platforms

Most businesses have a presence on multiple platforms that require management in terms of posting fresh content, interacting with the audience, checking analytics and responding to messages among others. A tool like Buffer or Hootsuite can allow you to schedule your posts on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The tools allow you to curate and compose everything in one go, which can save you lots of time.

Use keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have been around for a long time and they have saved us tons of time. While there are numerous shortcuts that you can use, there social media-specific shortcuts such as:

  • P”- allows you to add a news status to Facebook
  • I: – allows you to like a story
  • S” – allows you to share a story

Use tools to manage comments on your social media pages

As a business person, you would like to engage with all those who interact with your page but you realize that that’s not possible, since you have other things to do. When a user leaves negative feedback, a positive reply sent just in time will speak well for your company. The same is also true when you respond to positive comments too.

Make use of an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar will come in handy for any business person who needs to have an effective social media marketing strategy. With an editorial calendar, you will be able to:

  • Schedule for posts for several months ahead,
  • Prepare your images, video, and quotes in advance, etc.

Make use of automatic scheduling and reporting tools

Automatic scheduling will help you streamline how you want your message to be relayed on social media platforms especially across multiple sites. You will be able to post on multiple accounts at once, provide your audience with regular content and achieve consistency.

Repurpose old content

This works well for topics that are already popular and can be repurposed where possible. You can repurpose by creating a blog from Youtube content, use podcasts, or use infographics for content that has a lot of statistics.

If you are looking for a Cumming SEO Agency, why not choose SEO Guru Atlanta? SEO Atlanta provides social media marketing services, search engine optimization, and pay per click (PPC) advertising services to help your business grow its online presence.