802% Organic Traffic Growth & 550% Increase in Leads 1

Company Overview

The case study involves a leading pain management center situated in the Chicagoland area. This center has established itself as a specialist in addressing a diverse array of painful conditions, including joint discomfort, neck and back pain, sciatica, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more.

Challenges / Before SEO

Pain Management Clinic Overview


Organic Traffic Growth:

Boost organic website traffic through the optimization of on-page SEO strategies.

Keyword Rankings:

Enhance the website's positions for pertinent keywords within the website’s niche.

Local Presence:

Strengthen local visibility by focusing on GEO pages and incorporating trustworthy geographical factors into the content.

Content Strategy:

Create service pages & traffic-driving blog posts centered around specific service pages.

Our Approach

The pain management center in Chicagoland collaborated with our team to tackle these issues & accomplish their goals.

On-Page SEO Optimization

We conducted a thorough website audit to identify areas for improvement. Our team strengthened the On-Page SEO technique by refining meta tags, meta descriptions, and HX tags, as well as enhancing the general quality of content. As a result, each page was properly optimized for search engines.

Content Strategy

We developed a content strategy that focused on creating informative and engaging blog posts around the services offered by the client. These blogs addressed patient concerns and linked to relevant services, boosting SEO and traffic. We also created and optimized various service pages that were missing on the client’s site.

Creation of Targeting GEO Pages & Local Citations

Creation of Targeting GEO Pages & Local Citations

In order to better serve regional customers & and increase local presence, we developed GEO pages that targeted specific areas. These pages included helpful information like clinic locations, contact details, and patient testimonials. Additionally, we listed Pain Management Center in local directories and optimized existing citations to boost ranking and local visibility. This strategy proved successful in improving our search result rankings within the local community.

Results - Traffic & Leads Growth

Organic Source is the Highest Traffic Driving Source

802% Organic Traffic Growth

550% Increase in Leads

123% Increase in Calls

2,688 Goal Completion & 4209 Calls
Keyword Ranking Improvement By 2361 Keywords

Keyword Ranking Improvement

The website started ranking in the map pack of Goggle & Bing

50+ Keywords are ranking
in local pack.

163 Keywords are ranking
on Top 3 position.

Increase In Clicks and Impressions

195k Clicks & 13.40M Impression

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